Servo sheet metal integrated rack
◎ design with the use of large-size flakes, frame structure, the two stack material can separate stack of material sent to the car and the material to absorb robot, servo drive removable disk material receiving and material automatic positioning device
◎ two stacks of materials can be used interchangeably with the automatic refueling function, non-stop refueling, does not affect the normal operation of the punching robot.
◎ magnetic separation device and double sheet detection device, which can effectively avoid double sheet of material into a mold, resulting in damage to equipment and molds.
Technical parameters
S ervo sh e et m et al int egr at ed r ack JTLR-800 JTLR-1000 JTLR-1200 JTLR-1500
Applicable Product Size (mm) 800X550 1000X650 1200X800 1500X900
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